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Commercial Case Study: Syngenta

Syngenta Target Email

Campaign Results

Target Audience:

Opened: 1,767 (22.64%)

Clicks (job views): 456

Job Applications: 304

66% conversion rate

Syngenta needed to recruit a new Analytical Chemist for their Product Characterisation Group in Bracknell. To help their search for high-level candidates we searched our jobseeker database to find over 7800 relevant chemistry professionals. We then helped them to put together a simple but effective email that would entice interested candidates to apply.

The results were excellent, with over 1,760 targeted candidates opening to view the email, they generated 304 targeted, relevant applicants for their role.


Commercial Case Study: Abbott

Abbott Target Email

Campaign Results

Target Audience:

Opened: 519 (18.22%)

Clicks (job views): 117

Job Applications:  49

42% conversion rate

Abbott were looking to recruit a Senior Polymer Engineer for their team in Ireland. Targeting our database of science professionals, we were able to send a dedicated email to 2860 targeted candidates which generated 49 applications.


Academic Case Study: University of Liverpool

Abbott Target Email

Campaign Results

Target Audience:

Opened: 1,001 (18.27%)

Clicks (job views): 168

Job Applications:  55

33% conversion rate

The University of Liverpool were looking to fill two Research Associate roles on campus. We were able to target our database of science professionals with the specific specialisms and qualification level to send a dedicated email to 5,492 targeted candidates which generated 55 applications.

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