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Who are our jobseekers?

We conduct regular research to find out as much about our jobseeker audience as we can. See a summary below³, or download the full results here.

Our audience


























You can also drill down into your sector in a little more detail: 

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Where are our jobseekers based? 

Where are our jobseekers based?









Based on monthly average unique users per region, Jan-Apr 2014, Adobe Marketing Cloud

How do we attract candidates to New Scientist Jobs?

Our number one job is to attract the most relevant and engaged jobseekers to our site. This means we engage in a number of marketing activities to ensure high quality candidates are applying for your jobs:


Search traffic
The New Scientist Jobs web site is optimised so we rank highly in the search engine results. However, on very competitive keyword terms we also boost our search engine presence by running aggressive PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaigns.


We send our fortnightly e-newsletters to over 50,000 active and engaged science jobseekers. Our Jobs Now or Who’s Recruiting e-newsletters are tested and optimised to provide the best deliverability, open rates and click throughs. 

Jobs by Email alerts  

Jobs by Email alerts
Our jobseekers have set up thousands of Jobs by Email alerts to ensure they get notified of the latest jobs that are most relevant to their criteria. Your job listing will be sent to the most targeted jobseekers on our database. 


We partner with major recruitment websites that drive qualified and relevant traffic to our job site. 

Social Media  

Social Media
We have presence on the major social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Check out New Scientist Jobs today on Twitter, you’ll be in good company with the 4700 science professionals (and growing) who are now following us!


We have a fully-compatible mobile site that enables our jobseekers to search and apply for jobs on the go.
Our site is never more than one click away on enabling us to attract a wider pool of science professionals. 


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